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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Techonology dalam pendidikan : Eps 2

The Smartboard is a device that can be connected to the computer. It is basically not a new technology. It was manufactured in 1991 by SMART Technologies Inc. The Smartboard is a whiteboard screen which connects to the computer and projector to display images on the screen that can be utilized as a word document. This combination of technology turns the Smartboard into a very large computer screen. As a result, the monitor becomes unnecessary because it is replaced by the Smartboard. The Smartboard is run by using the computer application. A particular software named “Smartboard Software” needs to be installed to operate the Smartboard.

Benefit to using smartboard

a.   Touching
The mouse is required for touching the surface or screen of the Smartboard. The users can touch the board using their fingers to control any application such as to open and to close the Windows application, and documents, to “click” on web links, also to move the objects or drawings. The fingers can function as effectively as the mouse.

b. Writing and Erasing
The Smartboard also helps users to write, draw and erase existing images and texts. Users can use the stylus provided to write the text and to draw the pictures by hand. The written texts and images can be erased by using a magnetic eraser. It works like the eraser used with manual whiteboards.

In addition, the Smartboard can also be used for over writing without any need to erase the previously written words. It can be done by using the hidden keyboard provided in the Smartboard application. The hidden keyboard will appear only when it is needed.

c. Save, Open, and Print Functions
The other features of the Smartboard are saving, opening, and printing files. The Smartboards have facilities where notes or drawings can be saved and re-opened, and printed out directly after writing.

d. Converting Handwriting as Typewritten Text
The utility in using the Smartboard is that the written text or notes can be converted into typewritten text. Handwritten texts or whatever has been written on the interactive whiteboard can be converted to be an actual component of the file as typewritten text.

e. Record and Replay
Users can record whatever is being done on the board, no matter which applications are used. The recorded file will be able to be played using Windows Media Player on any computer. With a microphone, users can even record the audio or their voice which also can be replayed. Besides, users can create the video files which can be played just as on the ordinary computer.

Miller, Glover, and Averis explained in detail the most common features of the Smartboard. They named those features as manipulations of presentational techniques.

f. Drag and Drop
The drag and drop function is appropriate and relevant in lessons such as in Mathematics, engineering and any lesson that requires drawing. These techniques can occur where an on-screen item is moved.

g. Hide and Reveal
The user will be able to hide things such as drawings and writings. They can be prompted or opened when they are needed. For instance, this feature may be used for hiding and re-opening a response once students understand an idea.

h. Colours, Shading and Highlighting used
Colours, shading and highlighting are used extensively and effectively in graphical works and works on fractions. In English learning, it can be used to emphasize the similarities and the differences of words.

i. Matching Items
In vocabulary teaching, this technique can be done to match the questions and answers in the form of words and pictures such as dragging the appropriate answers to the questions provided which is put in blank.

j. Movement or Animation
The movement and animation techniques are intended to demonstrate principles and to illustrate explanations. Both techniques look like a short video whereby the pictures can be moved from one side to another. Animation utilities in certain parts are needed to create the pictures more interested.

Jika dilihat dari segi featurenya, Smart Board adalah hampir sama dengan whiteboard biasa, cuma Smart Board ini adalah electronic whiteboard yang didatangkan bersama-sama dengan softwarenya sendiri iaitu Smart Notebook Software. Software ini membolehkan guru merancang kandungan pelajaran dengan pendekatan yang berbeza mengikut pelbagai gaya pembelajaran pelajar.
Penggunaan Smart Board ini sangatlah interaktif dan akan membantu dalam Proses Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran. Faedah menggunakan Smart Board ini ialah bahan pembelajaran yang digunakan seperti dalam bentuk imej atau pengiraan dapat disimpan untuk digunakan semula dalam proses P&P seterusnya. Apa yang telah ditulis boleh terus disimpan dan dibuka semula apabila diperlukan. Ia menggantikan fungsi “white board” biasa yang memerlukan ia dipadam apabila ingin menulis maklumat yang baru. 
Selain dapat memaparkan video, imej, graf dan pelbagai bentuk fail lain yang pastinya mampu menarik minat pelajar seterusnya mewujudkan proses P&P yang berkesan. Walaubagaimanapun, kelemahan penggunaan Smart Board ini ialah sekiranya projektor yang dipancarkan kepada Smart Board terhalang atau terlindung dengan badan guru, maka pemandangan pelajar akan terjejas.

Posting ini bertujuan preparation for assignment in education. 

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